Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gaelic Storm

I know that many of you reading this blog may have the idea that I will only be reviewing books....WRONG!!! Why limit myself?  So, why not a music group?

I recently began listening to a very talented band by the name of Gaelic Storm.  As their name suggests, it is indeed Irish music.  I really love how boisterous it is, how easy I find it to get stuck in a song, especially "Scalliwag" and "Johnny Tarr" and to laugh at the lyrics such as in "Kiss Me I'm Irish".  I know that some people aren't especially fond of Irish tunes, but even if this is true for you, GIVE THIS BAND A CHANCE!!!!

One thing that I'm not always too crazy about with this band is that sometimes, the lyrics can be a little hard to understand, but this is true with many bands and solo artists.  Others may not enjoy the loud, raging tunes, but I am definitely addicted here.

I give Gaelic Storm five of five stars.

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