Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eclectica on Grand

I know that this doesn't really fit in my usual category of things that I review, but I loved this store.  I found it randomly one day on a walk with my father, and went in while I was out walking with my  boyfriend...for those of you that want to go for yourself, the contact info is as follows:
106 W Grand Avenue
Eau Claire, WI

I was really impressed when we went in because even though it is such a small shop, they have some really neat things.  They have everything from antiques to belly dance outfits, then from exotic stones to sterling jewelry.  I even found beads with the Chinese Zodiac printed beautifully on them.

What are there prices like??? REALLY affordable, I know my beads were 2$ a piece, but I don't remember looking at anything and thinking "WOW thats expensive". That includes the henna sets and belly dance clothing.

I really loved talking with the proprietors, Sarah and John Curtis, and cuddling up to there dog, Spencer.  It truly made the store and even more incredible experience since they are so kind and friendly.

The most intriguing thing about this shoppe is the outdoor display.  It truly feels as though you are looking into someone's home, but you know your just standing on the side of a street in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

I give Eclectica on Grand 5 out of 5 stars.


  1. Surrrreeee post good reviews of places I can't get to! :P Sounds like an awesome place

  2. It really was, hmmm I need to think of other places to review too?

  3. Review everything! anything and everything!

    And get a blog roll and connect to mine lol